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We provide what's needed for a good software. This includes defining business/system requirements, creating system architecture, prototyping, visual design, coding, testing and deployment of the system in customer environment. We support the users and develop further the systems we have built to keep software aligned with ever changing business needs.

Best expertise

To maximise customer satisfaction with the software created, we acquire the best available expertise to complement the skills of our development team. This includes top-notch UX/UI designers, business analysts and QA experts from our partner companies.

Experience matters

Our core team has more than 15 years of continuous experience in enterprise systems development. This background enables us to solve even the most complex technological challenges which inevitably arise in most software projects.


Versatile experiences

Machine learning, natural language processing, innovative e-services, highly automated sales processes in financial services, Linked Open Data, Semantic Web, secure processing of personal data. Just a few examples of topics our projects are covering.

European Environment Agency

Semantic Web, Linked Data

European Environment Agency/EEA is located in Copenhagen and, as an EU institution, their primary task is to provide European public and policy makers with timely and relevant information on the state of environment. In doing so, they meet with several challenges, including: collecting and aggregating heterogeneous data from highly diverse sources; establishing a common and universal model for the data comparison; understanding the data and extracting useful information from it. In helping to resolve these challenges, we have provided EEA with various software solutions where the technologies and methods of Semantic Web and Linked Data have acquired the key position.

The TripleDev team is a long-term partner of EEA. They are responsive, trustworthy and results- oriented in their work. Their strong knowledge of our domain helps us to be productive in our software development tasks.

Søren Roug, European Environment Agency

Eesti Loto

Java, Oracle

Eesti Loto is a state-owned company responsible for organizing lotteries in Estonia. Our team's core members have participated in the development of Eesti Loto's ticketing systems in their earlier careers and, as TripleDev, we have continued to provide our services in the further development and upgrade process of Eesti Loto's ticketing terminals. This work has been made exciting by the chance to work with high-level Java and low-level bytecode programming at the same time, while also having the possibility to participate in the challenging co-operation between IT-companies of different cultural and national origin.

Jaanus was making a substantial effort regarding Eesti Loto infosystems development. His role was to not only improve and maintain a business critical software system but he made a difference by his commitment and willingness to take a wider responsibility for the project outcomes beyond the software developer's technical domain. This helped us to reach our targets in time..

Raoul Järvis, Eesti Loto

European Commission

Semantic Web, Linked Data

European Commission's Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect) is running the Digital Agenda Scoreboard portal whose task is to observe the use and uptake of digital technologies in European countries by following various relevant statistics. Our team's contribution has been the development of the portal's backend where all these statistics are being imported, processed, stored and served for various kinds of visualization services. Because of the highly diverse and heterogeneous nature of source data, the back end's core technologies have been chosen from the fields of Semantic Web and Linked Data. This enables to analyse the diverse statistics with the help of universal RDF DataCube model and SPARQL query language.

It has been my sincere pleasure to work with Jaanus Heinlaid and TripleDev. Throughout our more than four years´ long cooperation, I could always count on their immediate assistance and sincere commitment to solving problems and to providing innovative solutions. They not only proved to be a leader in semantic data field but what is of even greater importance they proved to be extremely valuable business partner, acting with a great kindness and showing utmost professionalism.

Jan-Arkady Malinowsky, Policy Officer, DG Connect

Iute Credit

CRM, Financial services

IuteCredit is a financial services group operating in emerging markets. Co-operation between IuteCredit and TripleDev started in 2012 when the customer turned to us wishing to create a new, modern CRM platform integrating the whole process of financial services sales. Development work started in March 2012 and the system was launched in the end of 2012. Continuous development of the CRM platform has enabled our customer to widen its services portfolio targeted towards an increasing customer base but also expand its operations to new markets.

In our experience, TripleDev team has proven themselves to be a dedicated partner, ready to adapt to changing business requirements. They are going the extra mile to help us build the best infosystem.

Allar Niinepuu, IuteCredit SRL


Machine learning, language processing

Qlaara is one of the most innovative projects TripleDev has been involved in. For us it started in 2014. In very close co-operation with the founder, we have created a dynamic platform for management of dictionaries. Qlaara creates and visualises relations between words, enables quantifying of relations, creation of corpora. We have created a number of linguistic games to be used on the web. These games enable to assess players’ vocabulary, compare the results and give feedback. Qlaara platform is evolving into machine learning; there is a writer’s tool under construction, which aims to support professional writers to create rich texts in various fields of life.

Few people would recommend outsourcing development for a startup, but with TripleDev, I couldn't be happier. They care for their work, take initiative, propose solutions to issues I never even knew I had, and are generally cool colleagues. The only difference from an in-house development team is in the legal details.

Arvi Tavast,


e-receipt, data encryption

In 2015 we launched a development project called E-receipt, ordered by Omniva, Estonia’s postal and parcel logistics company. E-receipt is a service enabling any retail customer to manage his/her receipts in one central digital environment, effectively avoiding acceptance of paper-based receipts in shops. E-receipt saves time and paper, thereby bringing significant change to people’s lives and environmental footprint of retail companies. It also enables any person or household to analyze their cost structures, forward receipts to other users (for business accounting, as an example). Special attention was paid to software architecture and technical development of the platform in order to achieve high security for sensitive private data.

There’s an amount of flexibility in the way TripleDev operates. They do not just build things but also try to figure out what the real customer needs are.

Pille Muni, Omniva, e-receipt project manager

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Open Data, CKAN

Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications ordered a new version of open data portal from us in 2014. The portal is based on CKAN and Drupal platforms and it serves as a gateway to datasets created by central and local government institutions. On one hand the portal enables the owners of the datasets to register and upload their open data and on the other hand the portal allows any interested party and citizen to search for published open data and download datasets for further querying and modification.


CRM, workflow management

In 2014, we built a complete CRM platform for a collection agency Incaso SRL in Moldova. The new solution aimed at automating debt collection in greatest extent. The CRM system is centered on collection workflow process, connecting claims, collectors, clients, debtors. The workflow takes into account a number of aspects like previous track record of debtors, workload of collectors, professional level of collectors, value of claim and other factors in order to ensure the most optimal claim distribution and handling to provide maximum results for the customers of the collection company. CRM software enables to apply different collection processes/workflows, depending on the nature of the claim. The system features automated decision-making tools, which direct the workflow of each claim depending on the outcomes of the previous steps.

Coop Eesti

Java, web services

Coop Eesti is a central retail organization of Estonian consumer associations. Together, these associations run hundreds of retail stores all over Estonia. In order to handle the vast exchange of data with its consumer associations, Coop Eesti is operating a complex information system that uses Java-based web services as its primary communication channels. TripleDev's commitment has been to refactor and modernize these web services with latest standards and technologies that Java has to offer in this field. This work has enabled Coop Eesti to get rid of some legacy applications, which in turn has made the whole process of in-house systems management a lot more efficient.


Our focus is on business applications development based on Java software platform and related frameworks.

We started out as an independent company in 2011. Since then our portfolio has been steadily growing. By now, it includes a handful of software projects from various fields of life and geographic origins. We are committed to serving our customers no matter of their location or type of activities.

We choose our software development methodology based on the nature of the project and customer requirements. If the project scope is to be decided “on the go” (like product development often is) then agile Scrum framework serves best.

In case there is more or less stable scope predefined we still make use of prototyping in addition to analysis documents. Prototypes help us to achieve high usability and well performing features of the
system built.

We practice 2-4 weeks’ development phases/sprints, each of which produce working software for the customer for review and testing. To keep our work and cooperation organized we use various task and issue management tools and software version management systems.

But nothing replaces direct, human-to-human communication which we value highly and practice in forms of analysis meetings, joint planning of the sprints, sprint review meetings, daily stand-ups or frequent skype-calls.


Techies but still humans.

We are quite easy to talk to, despite of certain nerdy image our field is so strongly (and yes, rightfully) linked to. In fact, we are a bunch of guys with numerous interests and hobbies so there’s plenty to learn from each other every day!

risto alt


Computers and IT have been a part of Risto’s life since mid-nineties. His entrepreneurial experience dates back for more than 10 years, making him a symbiosis of a software developer and an entrepreneur. No wonder that it was mainly Risto’s entrepreneurial drive that made TripleDev to born in 2011. In his daily work, he divides himself among project management, customer engagement and code. In addition, his input is valuable in generating new business directions. When not busy with work he’s either playing hockey or tennis.

Jaanus Heinlaid


After having acquired the master's degree in computer sciences, Jaanus began his developer career at the end of last century. In addition to long-time experience on Java development platform, this career has also involved several international projects in the gripping fields of Semantic Web and Linked Data. He is thorough and persistent in his work, without forgetting to create the best possible results within the given limits and frames. He feels equally home in code and communication, and well-written and well-manageable software is important to him. In spare time, he drives out of town, enjoys the countryside and discovers the exciting world of malt whisky.

Enriko Käsper


Enriko is a responsible software developer, whose target is always to implement a software that just works. More than 15 years of experience in international and Estonian software development projects helps him to understand the customer needs properly. Besides acting as a developer and software architect, Enriko executes also technical project lead and Scrum Master tasks in project work. He helps to spread the knowledge of new technologies and development methodologies inside TripleDev team. In spare time, Enriko likes to improve the world with family and friends in forest, home yard or sauna.

Marek Põldeots


New business development is the main focus for Marek. Initialising new projects, seeking and evaluating ideas for product development, growth of the team, these forward-looking activities keep him going. The other side of daily business is to keep an eye on details. Making sure that risks are managed, contracts written and company financials healthy. A combination of many years of managerial roles in IT business and educational background in economics allows Marek to have good grip on a wide spectrum of topics that a constantly evolving IT business meets on its way. Outside work hours Marek spends his time outdoors, doing x-country skiing and some MTB riding. When back indoors, music, movies and books are a good company.